Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NICT - Tally authorized centers Bangalore

Tally authorized centers Bangalore

Tally is a well - known influential accounting software, that is driven by a technology known as concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine.

Tally is an easy to use software and is intended to simplify complex day to day events related to an enterprise. It delivers complete solution around accounting principles, inventory and data integrity. Tally has features encircling global business and comes with easy to use interface making it operationally humble.

Tally accounting software delivers a solution around inventory management, stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounting, stock valuation methodology, etc. It also provides drill down options, which can track every detail of a transaction that has been made thus helping to maintain simple sorting of accounts, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, etc.

Every business that looks after its accounts and systems while maintaining proper books of account, uses Tally to ensure that finance for the company is always in order and are precise at all given points of period. A firm or a business should always be conscious of its financial positions.

Tally accounting software delivers a solution to all the glitches real businesses must encounter. Single software takes care of all responsibilities essential for enterprise management.

Financial management is also made easy to manage under Tally software. The software lets management of finances athwart multiple locations can handle multiple currency transactions, manage cash flow and interest payment.

NICT is an authorized certificate holder that provides high quality computer education at a very high standard at a very low cost. NICT's mission is to create a pool of high quality software professionals who will meet the demanding needs of multinational organizations for tomorrow’s challenges.

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The Tally courses that NICT offers are -
Basics of Accounting (Volume 1)
Basics of Hardware, Computer Fundamentals , DOS, Windows
Internet, HTML, MS Office, Basics of English & Interview Skills
ABC of Personality Development (Volume 1)
Tally. ERP 9 (Volume 1, 2 & 3)
Tally Work Book (Volume 1)

Accounts: Basics & Advanced (Volume 1 & 2)
Computer Fundamentals, DOS, Windows, Internet, HTML
MS Office, Personality Development (Volume 1 & 2)
Basics of English & Business Communication
Tally. ERP 9 (Volume 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5)
Guest Lectures from Tally
Tally Work Book (Volume 1 & 2) Sales Management

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